Welcome to the Corporate Innovation Track!

We aim to provide established corporations with the opportunity to source innovation from the startup ecosystem and to built digital capabilities

Our Services


Corporate Accelerators

Provide startups with training and resources, including small investments

Key Benefits:

  • Help building new companies
  • Earn financial returns

Corporate Venture Capital

Setting-up a Corporate VC fund or funding existing 3rd party funds

Key Benefits:

  • generate financial return
  • grow non-core areas

Mentorship Programs

Employees share knowledge and network with entrepreneurs

Key Benefits:

  • Inspire employees
  • Create a powerful network

Innovation Challenges

Run a competition with startups to solve a corporate challenge

Key Benefits:

  • Experience startup's creativity
  • Find solutions to corporate problems

Joint Agreements

Join efforts with startups to develop and/or promote new solutions

Key Benefits:

  • Diversify offering to reach new customers/markets
  • Build a synergic business relationship

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